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Made from blue silk plush, Lapis Lazuli is an absolute stunner! Fully jointed, Lapis has the most incredible paw pads, decorated with Swarovski elements that sparkle a beautiful blue. 

"He is wearing a silver coloured necklace with a drop-shaped pendant in imitation lapis lazuli - as far back as 7,000 years ago the ancient Egyptians were familiar with lapis lazuli which was greatly admired and hugely valuable and in ground form was used as a pigment for valuable Madonna pictures and book painting."

An absolute delight, Lapis Lazuli isn’t satisfied being part of a collection, instead he sits true as a focal point that steals every eye and will always be the topic of conversation. 

Height: 26cm

Age: 14+

White Label

Limited to just 2000 worldwide!!!

Material: Silk Plush